About Us

About Us

Nestled in Dolno Kamarci village - 40 kilometers away from Sofia town and 25 kilometers away from Sofia Airport art centre Vihrony has a great location and can easily be reached by train, car or bus. The road network is very well developed.

E 871 is one of the main roads across the country and has been recently renovated. The spot is in the heart of the countryside, perfectly integrated within the local context.

Virgin nature, fresh air and authentic folklore - this region is among the purest ecological environments in Bulgaria and treasures up great bio diversity. The village benefits from a perfect location, well developed transport network and outstanding nature – all winning components.


 Goals and Objectives


  • Our key aim is to make Art Centre Vihrony a vibrant place of arts and culture.
  • To create social interaction in public spaces on local level.
  • To promote traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts.
  • We aim to foster appreciation for various forms of arts and culture in society and to stimulate creativity in young generation.
  • We encourage children in shaping their environments through art and design activities.
  • To foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers.
  • We provide cultural environment that contribute to the creative production of artists and arts groups of different ages.
  • We aim to provide creative environment for artist to experiment with different media.
  • Within our art centre individual strands represent the different areas in the art such as Dance, Literature, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, Community, Food & Craft, History & Heritage, Traditional Arts and many more.
  • To deliver arts and culture programmes using local assets which in turn assists in our financial sustainability. Supporting tourism and economic growth on local level.

Our facilities include meeting Room for 50 people, Catering area, 50 sq.m indoor Gallery, Multy-media room, Ceramic atelier, 5 plain air ateliers, 1000 sq.m. outdoor exhibition area, six double rooms, each en-suite. We are currently developing future extention with multi media hall opportunity. 

The centre offers potter’s wheels and a ceramic workshop atelier with two 1 000-liter kilns.

Art centre Vihrony offers five outdoor ateliers for fine arts classes in waving, felt, silk painting and embroidery by qualified teachers.